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The Satapatha Brahmana at Sacred Books of the East, Vols. 12, 26, 24, 37, 47 The Satapatha Brahmana, Part IV (SBE 43) [] Books.
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Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Satapatha-Brahmana reflects the spirit of an age in which all the intelectual activities are centred around sacrifice.

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It is a 5-Volume work and part of the series on Sacred Book of the East. It is a mine of important data and source of information of social and mental development of India. Visit Seller's Storefront. Shipping costs are based on books weighing 2. If your book order is heavy or oversized, we may contact you to let you know extra shipping is required. List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. Home F. Stock Image. Published by Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt.

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About this Item The author gives a critical and comprehensive study of the fundamental problem of universals in Indian Philosophy. The centre of the study is the controversy between the Nyaya-Vaisesika and the Mimamsa realists on the one hand and the Buddhist nominalists on the other. The author discusses not only the epistemological and metaphysical approach to the problem of universals but also the semantic approach made by the various systems of Indian Philosophy. In this context the view of the Grammarions with special reference to Bhartrhari has been discussed in some detail.

A brief but critical analysis of some of the main trends of thought on universals in Western Philosophy--beginning from Pluto to the contemporary philosophers--has also been given.

Footnotes and references:

Besides his scholarly and eminently readable treatment of fundamental problem of universals, the author has attempted to give his own solution of the problem. It is based on the recurrent identities and similarities which are the principles of grouping and which form the foundation of our thought and speech. Pranabhrit 5 sets of 10 each 2. Lokamprina Second Layer :- 1. Asvini 5 2. Ritavya 2 3.

Table of Contents of the Sacred Books of the East

Vaisvadevi 5 4. Pranabhrit 5 5. Apasya 5 6. Khandasya 19 7. Lokamprina Third Layer : - 1. Svayamatrinna I 2. Disya 5 3. Visvagyotis I 4. Ritavya 4 5. Pranabhrit 10 6. Khandasya 36 7. Valakhilya 14 8.

The Satapatha-brahmana

Lokamprina Fourth Layer :- 1. Stoma 18 2. To the weapon a bow-maker To work a bowstring-maker To fate a rope-maker To death a huntsman To the end antaka a dog-keeper To the ogress of waste lands a. To the man-tiger? To the teams? To serpents and demons a blockhead? To dice a gambler To impassibility [18] a non-gambler To intercourse a gallant To the house a paramour To trouble an unmarried elder brother whose younger brother is married To calamity a younger brother married before his elder brother To failure [19] the husband of a younger sister whose elder sister is unmarried To reparation an artiste in embroidery To agreement a female practiser of love-spells To colour a devoted adherent To strength a giver of gifts To excrescences [20] hunchback To merriment a dwarf To the doors a lame one [21] To sleep a blind one To injustice a deaf one To the means of purification?

To knowledge a star-gazer To desire of learning one who asks questions To the desire of adding to one's knowledge one given to ask questions about everything. To the bounds of land or propriety an arbitrator To ruins an elephant-keeper To speed a groom To thrift a cowherd To vigour a shepherd To fiery mettle a goatherd To refreshment? To the sweet beverage? To happiness the guardian of a house To prosperity a possessor of wealth To superintendence an assistant doorkeeper [22]. To the light a gatherer of fire-wood To brilliance a fire-kindler To the sun's sphere a sprinkler anointer of a king To the highest heaven a distributer of portions To the world of the gods a carver of portions To the world of men a scatterer?

To all the worlds a pourer out of drink [24] To decay and murder a churner [25] To the animal sacrifice or, sacrificial essence a washer-woman To concupiscence a female dyer To quarrelling one of a thievish disposition. To manslaughter an informer To discrimination a doorkeeper To oversight an assistant doorkeeper [26] To strength cf.

II, 2 an attendant To plenty a servant To the pleasant one speaking pleasantly To security one mounted on a horse To heaven svarga loka a dealer out of portions cf. IV, 5 To the highest heaven a distributer of portions; cf. IV, 4 To wrath one who makes iron red-hot Buddhaghosha's Parables F. The Science of Language F. La Science Du Langage Natural Religion F. Erinnerungen: Erlebte Psychiatriegeschichte F.

The Ancient Palm-Leaves F.

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Introduction a la Philosophie Va c Danta, Ed. The Sacred Books of the East F. Vedic Hymns Volume 1 F. Chips from a German Workshop F.

Reminiscences of a Roving Life F. Lectures on the Science of Language F. Physical Religion F. Contributions to the Science of Mythology, Volume 1 F. Lectures on the Science of Religion F. Deutsche Liebe F. Germany, Volume 1 F. Chips from a German Workshop, Volume 2 F. My Autobiography F. Auld lang syne F.