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What do you get when 14 Kick-Ass Urban Fantasy Elementals are set to face a horde of .. I don't usually read YA, but this book was actually very engaging and .
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Mariko Oshiro is fighting an uphill battle against sexism and tradition in the narcotics division of the Tokyo police. Her antagonistic boss assigns her to a mundane case involving the attempted theft of a sword, but it gets a lot less boring when Mariko winds up on the trail of a ruthless killer. As she learns the hidden history behind a trio of ancient magical swords, she discovers that she may be destined to wield one of them. Along with others like her, she has lived under the tight reins of her Controllers, with no actual experiences of the real world.

Knowing that eventually blood prophets lose their usefulness and, usually, their lives, Meg seeks refuge at the Lakeside Courtyard, a part of the city owned and operated by the Others-shapeshifters and other supernatural creatures. Even though the Others have ample reasons to despise humans, they give Meg a job as the Human Liaison, dealing with the elements in the outside world that do business with the shapeshifters.

As Meg learns more about both the world of experience and the society of the Others, she also becomes aware that her Controllers are not going to let her go without a fight. Despite their earlier estrangement, Carter drops everything to investigate, but what he uncovers increases his feelings of guilt: the killer left a hidden message that only he could read, making it clear that Lucy was just a convenient route to Carter.

Urban fantasy readers will appreciate the polished, assured writing and hope for a bevy of sequels. Mercy Thompson is a shapeshifter, and while she was raised by werewolves, she can never be one of them, especially after the pack ran her off for having a forbidden love affair. Mercy asks her neighbor Adam Hauptman, the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, for assistance. And those that do enjoy playing with humans far too much. But even though Harry is the only game in town, business—to put it mildly, stinks. So when the Chicago P. When Castor begins probing more deeply, he quickly finds himself harassed by a ravenous succubus, a belligerent fellow exorcist and a slimy Eastern European pimp.

The resolution of this ingeniously multilayered tale will satisfy fans of both fantasy and detective fiction. In the corrupt Southern metropolis of Ashland, weather witches mingle with vampires, giants, and dwarves. A mysterious client hires assassin Gin Blanco, known as the Spider, to murder a whistle-blowing financial officer named Gordon Giles.

Now Gin, a stone elemental with a hard-boiled attitude, a closely guarded heart, and a penchant for throwing knives, has to join forces with one of the few honest cops in Ashland, sexy detective Donovan Caine, who hates her for killing his partner. Perry remains in a coma, so Sal joins the team on their mission to confiscate the books that demons use as portals into our world. The action jumps around the globe, with side trips to other dimensions, while the writing briskly slides between vividly horrific and flippantly camp. The plot becomes agreeably complicated as Sal and her friends frantically tamp down fresh outbreaks of magic even as experience blurs their notions of good and evil.

Reading all 16 episodes in one go is as much fun as binge-watching a full season of a Showtime series. The only problem is that no one walks away from Inderland Security — and lives. Her boss, an ill-tempered ghoul named Denon, immediately puts out a contract on her, and within a matter of hours, her life is officially forfeit. She finds herself evicted from her apartment and almost assassinated on a city bus. Thank God for friends.

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With the help of Ivy Tamwood, a non-practicing vampire, and Jenks, a temperamental pixie, Rachel tries to begin a new life by starting an independent investigation service based in an old church in an area called the Hollows. But first she must survive the week!

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Alex, a reincarnated mummy, and his partner, Marcus, a Roman vampire, are detectives in the Miami Police Department, working in a special-forces group to address crimes that no one else will touch. Vampires have integrated into society as a result of synthetic blood, enabling them to walk among the living without the threat of feeding on them. But while the new society seems utopian, underneath the harmony lies tensions between the living and the undead, and a rash of vampire-related crimes across the city threatens to disturb the newfound peace.

Fans of Jim Butcher will enjoy a fresh take on this supernatural crime novel that puts its own spin on the genre. Part crime novel and part fantasy, Graveyard Shift is a bloody good read. High up on that list is Aenghus Og, the Celtic god of love. Nell has power, and her connection to the forest that surrounds her Soulwood Farm protects her.

After Jane refers her to PsyLED, a federal agency that polices paranormals, Nell gets drawn into the investigation of an antiparanormal terrorist group called Human Speakers of Truth. Plenty of action, magic, and fascinating characters, both familiar and new, create another terrific urban fantasy from an established author. Alex can not only see all possible futures but can often choose which ones to make real, so both sides want to use him as a tool.

Alex, alienated from other mages because he has developed empathy for the beings around him, refuses to take sides.

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The series picked up significant steam in Son of Poseidon. I really enjoyed seeing the Roman equivalent of Camp Halfblood. I also found Percy and his new Roman friends to be far more likable and interesting than the characters introduced in the previous book. Riordan handled the perspective changes and ensemble cast quite well. Over five books, the plot gets a bit convoluted, but I still really enjoyed the narrative. The action and suspense are exciting without being stressful. He masterfully returned the vampire story to its horror roots. The protagonist Gene is a year old human who has spent his entire life masquerading as a vampire.

I found him relatable and likable. Gene lives in a dystopian city where the vampires are the dominant species. They have hunted the humans to the point that they are believed to be extinct in the wild. The vampire world is cruel, emotionless, and cold. They consider themselves to be people and the humans to be primitive cattle. However, the city is technologically advanced and eerily similar to our own. Basically, the vampires look like modern people exceedingly pale, athletic, perfect individuals who sleep on the ceiling… until they encounter a human.

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From that point, they become horrific, merciless, and barbaric monsters. I do not want to give too much of the plot away, but the premise of the first novel involves Gene being selected to join a heper human hunt. The horror elements in this series are on point. The vampires are terrifying and disgusting, and the action sequences are engaging and exciting. The dialogue is pretty solid, too. I liked Sissy and Gene, but some of the other characters are less interesting.

I liked the literary allusions, dark themes, cyberpunk aesthetic, frantic action, sardonic comedy, exploration of Victorian gender roles, and balanced pacing.

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Some of the characters are less memorable than others, but there are plenty of likable people. Magnus has always been one of my favorite characters, and he acts as a great link through the centuries. The Dark Artifices follows a new generation of shadowhunters, humans with enhanced fighting abilities because of angel blood, angelic marks, and various magical weapons.

The series is set in Los Angeles, and it follows some of the characters that Clare introduced in City of Heavenly Fire. But I liked Emma and Julian. Unfortunately, the other plot another scheme by those meddlesome faeries felt a little stale.

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I just prefer the original series. Lord of Shadows might change my ranking. Percy Jackson is a demigod. His father is a Greek god, and his mother is a human. Riordan did a great job of integrating mythology with the modern world and showing how these myths might have evolved to fit American culture e. Some of the humor might seem corny to older readers, but I still highly recommend checking it out. I actually picked up Steelheart because the cover caught my eye.

I was hooked from the first chapter. From a technical standpoint, Sanderson is a more talented novelist than many of the other writers in this genre and I include myself in that list. Many of his other novels are intended for an older audience, so I liked his take on the young adult genre. In this series, some humans mysteriously develop superhuman powers flight, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, the ability to create portals to parallel universes, etc.

For a while, people are fairly OK with this. The selection process seems to be random, so some unscrupulous people i. However, good people i. Unfortunately, these powers eventually corrupt all of the heroes.

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  • The world is thrown into chaos and anarchy. The crumbling remains America basically operates as warzone with feuding city-states each ruled by their own powerful supervillain. A resistance attempts to undermine and assassinate the superhumans. Sanderson is extremely prolific, and a master of his craft.

    The action, themes, suspense, descriptions, pacing, and plot were all solid and interesting. I particularly enjoyed the world-building and exploration of the corrupting potential of incredible power. I guess that it fits in this border area between YA and adult fantasy. I loved the more complex and morally ambigous themes, characters, and subject matter.