Manual Ratchet: A Story of Abuse and Redemption

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Born in mountain Home Idaho. Lives in South Florida. Ratchet: A Story of Abuse and Redemption by [Penn, John].
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Each act just ratchets up the nightmarish existence Tina lived. Ike goes from using his compliments to manipulate young Anna Mae to punching the living shit out of Tina Turner whenever she dares to step out of line by becoming more successful than her husband.

And the hits both types keep coming. Plagued by her own abandonment issues, Anna vows early on that she will never leave Ike.

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Drug use becomes a kind of shorthand to explain actions and motivations. But tucked into this spousal-abuse redemption story is also a solid starter course covering 25 years in American pop music.

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From the first blues boogie in the St. These dazzling performance scenes do a great job of presenting the dichotomy of the movie, mimicking the double life Tina led for close to two decades. They basically deserve their own billing.