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Add some Catappa leaves for them to hide under and nibble on. The temperature inside the enclosure should always be between 72 and 82 degrees. Use a quality tank heater or clamp lamp to maintain temperature. Hermies also need moist, humid air to breathe properly. Hermit crabs are omnivorous scavengers.

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Commercially prepared hermit crab food has a proper balance of vitamins and minerals for your crabs. Pelleted foods can be fed once a day and should be crushed especially for smaller crabs. Feed at night and remove uneaten food daily. Hermies need a lot of calcium to support the health of their exoskeleton especially during molting, so we recommend adding calcium vitamin supplements to their food.

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Hermit crabs can be vulnerable while molting, because their bodies are soft. Hermit crabs love to burrow, so the bedding can be cm deep.

Hermit crabs are great climbers so their enclosure must be secured with a lid. They therefore need heat provided to them from their surroundings.

In your home, that is best done with a heat lamp or heat mat, dependant on the size of your enclosure. Hermit crabs require high humidity to keep their gills moist and allow them to breathe properly. A hermit crab enclosure should be spot cleaned weekly, with all bowls cleaned and the water changed daily. The substrate should be changed monthly, or more frequently if required. Hermit Crabs require saltwater for bathing.

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This should be provided in a separate bowl to their fresh drinking water. Hermit Crabs live in other creatures discarded shells. As they grow they will leave their old shell and find another larger one to move into. A few spare shells, which should be only slightly larger than their current one, should be kept in the enclosure for such occasions. Like other crabs, as they grow hermit crabs need to cast off their outer skeleton, this usually occurs about twice a year.

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After the crab has moulted it needs to be left alone for several weeks until its new skeleton hardens. I'm sure you've heard this before, but you really shouldn't keep only one hermit crab alone as a pet. The name 'hermit' is misapplied to our little friends -- they are quite gregarious and like to be around their own kind. In the wild, they travel in packs of up to crabs, scavenging the beach for food and shells. The reason they travel in packs is simple: Where there are more crabs, there are more shells.

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Researchers have found by putting one clean, empty shell on the beach, they can initiate a "cascade" of shells changes: One crab changes in to the new shell, another changes into his old shell, and another changes into the other empty shell, and so on. Quite often I find about 20 hermies of my clan all piled on top each other, sleeping.

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  • So, please don't consign your friendly hermie to a life of loneliness. As one seasoned crabber once remarked, "Two crabs does not a colony make.