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He is in perfect submission to the goodness of God. Jesus is not coerced into obeying by something outside of himself; Jesus' obedience flows from who he is .
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His love brings hope to seemingly hopeless situations. Human intimacy is best when it is birthed in heavenly intimacy. Selena Frederick is passionate about helping women treasure Christ most and love their families well. She and her husband, Ryan, created Fierce Marriage, with one simple mission: to point couples to Christ and commission marriages for the gospel.

Together, their writing reaches millions of monthly readers around the world with the transformational message of the gospel. View all articles by Selena Frederick.

Marriage: Pursuing Conformity to Christ in the Covenant

Start typing your search, and relevant posts will appear. Hit enter to view more results. Share 2K. Due to the intensive nature of the Program, you may not hold other employment or be enrolled in school on a full-time basis during the Program period if it will interfere with any aspect of or time commitment to the Program.

Although professional artistic experience is not necessary i. Working knowledge of related software, computer and Cintiq experience is also a plus. You will receive a confirmation email from FluidReview when your application has been submitted successfully. Your portfolio should show your best work, but be edited accordingly. Organize your portfolio by highlighting your passion and unique vision first. Include a variety of skills that showcase your talent: character design, environments, color, props, paintings, life drawings, animal sketches, and samples from your sketch book.

Include an appropriate number to showcase your skills. You must upload a minimum of 5 images, but no more than 25 images. For your reel, focus on quality rather than quantity.

Each discipline is different and you should assemble your reel accordingly to show your skill within that discipline. Be sure to showcase your best work. Reels should be 3 - 5 minutes in length. As a part of the review process, all applicants must submit a work resume and an autobiographical summary. Applications that do not include both of these items will not be considered. Your resume should include your key contact information.

It is helpful to include your blog or website if they demonstrate your work as well. Include your work history, including movies, titles or projects you worked on. Also, include software applications, scripting language you are familiar with and your educational focus. Hobbies and references are helpful also. The notification dates are as follows: Semi-finalists will be notified by the end of September, Finalists will be notified by the end of October, Chosen Artists will be notified by the end of November.

Upon receipt of your submission materials through FluidReview, your work will be reviewed shortly thereafter. If chosen as a semi-finalist, you will first be called for a phone interview and potentially, a second in-person interview. If chosen as a finalist, you will be called for a panel review. Due to the high volume of submissions to our Program, we are unable to provide you with such feedback.

We can accept up to two artists into the General Track and two artists into the Storyboard Track per year. Yes, artists who are accepted will need to relocate to the LA area. For participants coming from out-of-town, air-fare and one month's accommodations are provided however all transportation once in LA and any moving costs are the individual artist's responsibility.

Contrary to popular belief, Anna is an artist who was born right here on earth. There, she grew up burdened with a heavy case of middle child syndrome and a chronic need to make cartoons in whatever form she could-- illustrations, comics, and the staple for any animation-based origin story: tiny post-it flip books. Year after year in school conferences, her teachers would tell her parents the same thing: she could be an excellent student if she stopped staring out the window, and stopped drawing in class. However, it was never going to happen. As high school drew to a close, her dad, having come from an artistic background himself, encouraged her to pursue art as a career.

Motivated by an itch to experience life outside of New York, Anna decided to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, where she majored in 2D animation.

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There, she discovered what excited her the most about animation: storyboarding. In she received her BFA, and set out to follow her dream of breaking into the animation industry in Los Angeles, California. She worked a dead end service industry job. She moved four times. It felt like career purgatory. As time wore on, her dream of breaking into the industry only seemed to become more and more unrealistic.

Finding New Voices in Romantic Fiction

Finally, her persistence paid off when she landed a job storyboarding 2D shorts for an educational company. There, Anna was able to spend time strengthening her boarding skills and learning everything she could about working on a production team. In the summer of , she applied to the Artist Program for the second time.

Several months of interviews and one congratulatory phone call later, Anna now walks into the Nickelodeon building every morning thankful to everyone who encouraged and helped her along the way! She is so excited to work alongside the incredible artists at the studio who share her insatiable passion for storytelling.

Sarah was a very curious child growing up. As the spawn of a musician and artist-turned-accountant, she was always encouraged to explore and nurture her creativity. Her younger days were bursting with music, art, tall tales, and an alarming amount of fish sticks. While visiting her uncle in San Francisco, she begged her parents to take her to the Cartoon Art Museum.

Even though she was already an avid fan of cartoons, seeing the exhibits break down the steps of making an animated film, made her realize that cartoons combined everything she loved to do most; drawing, storytelling, and music. Sarah left San Francisco with a newfound passion and zoetrope in hand.

Blessed Assurance - Lyrics, Hymn Meaning and Story

Despite all this, Sarah never really considered that art was something she could do professionally. But art continued to make a grab at her attention. When it came time to seriously think about what to do after high school, Sarah - casually - looked up careers in animation. A whole new world of possibilities opened up and she practically applied for art school right then and there. The last years leading up to her graduation were ones filled with art, sweat, and a determination to get into art school.

Sarah decided to study 2D design for video games and traditional animation at Laguna College of Art and Design.

During her undergrad studies, Sarah took a class dedicated to layout, where she quickly learned that animated TV production was where she wanted to be. After a - very dramatic - period of reflecting on her childhood which included consuming an alarmingly large amount of Nick cartoons , she knew that Nickelodeon was precisely where she needed to be.

She stumbled upon the Nick Artist Program during her research, and it seemed almost too good to be true. For her senior project, Sarah knew that she wanted to combine her love of world-building and animation to create a portfolio worthy of Nick. Many long, caffeine-filled nights later, Sarah graduated May of , with her short The Nights of LA as well as a design portfolio. She applied to the Artist Program, with crossed fingers and a lot of nerves.

After a summer of teaching art and months of full-time barista-ing, she got the call. She was in!

Sarah is determined to work hard, sweat that creative sweat, and do her very best, as she revels in the fact that she finally has the chance to make her mark in a place she only dreamed of as a child. Evon's first words, at least from what her parents tell her, were "junk food", her favorite thing to do was not listening to instructions, and she was really good at taking things apart, and not being able to put them back together. Thankfully she at least learned to speak a few more words since then.

She was brought up in a multiracial family, with a Taiwanese mom and Caucasian dad. They were raising her to be a scientist or doctor or one of those jobs that makes a lot of money and parents always want you to be. Unfortunately it was soon clear that she had no desire to be a doctor and her abysmal math skills knocked out scientist. As a child her mom would often take her back to Taiwan with her, if you've never been, it's really hot and humid there in the summer and no one wants to go outside. So to occupy her time she bought some how-to-draw books from the corner bookstore and started doodling.

This was the beginning; and it was all thanks to boredom. So thank you boredom!